Welcome to the Cool Keys Club!

Cool Keys Club is a collection of 2222 NFTs generated on the Solana Blockchain. But there is one small detail that separates us from the rest... Physical Real Estate! CKC will be Solana's first Real Estate focused NFTs! Each Key is a unique non-fungible token that will guarantee your stake in our growing real estate empire!


2222 Randomly Generated Keys


This is our plan, but ultimately the roadmap for Cool Keys Club is collaborative and will be decided by CKC holders. With imaginative ideas, resourcefulness, and coordination, we believe we can bring a touch of CKC to every home in the world!

MARCH 11 2022


We are gearing up to launch on March 11 2022! Once all the keys are minted, we'll build a full DAO where members can help determine the next project..

Coming Soon: Rarity Traits and DAO Discord
March 2022

First Real Estate

Aquire First Real Estate Asset! Name it! First Real Estate Backed NFT Airdrop!We already have the first property under construction.

It'll be complete around March 2022. With your help we can add some NFT Aesthetics and make it our own!
April 2022

New Acquisition.

New Acquisition. Choose Plan, Styles, Layout, and NFT Decor.

The next project will allow for more creativity throughout the build. Deciding everything from the tiles to the layout will be in the DAO's control!
TBD 2022

CKC Headquarters.

Start Building CKC Headquarters.And the sky's the limit!

We've been eyeballing a certain property that sits on almost 5 acres. It could be turned into anything from lofts+cafe+office to CKC HQ+more. Thought it would be cool to have a physical place where CKC members could meet up and hangout!
ALSO 2022

Cool Keys Club Merch.

Get Custom Mugs and more for your CKC NFT!

Free Real Estate Course

Start Building your own Real Estate Portfolio with our free classes. Exclusive to Cool Keys CLub!


The Core team is always growing! Join the discord and see how you can be apart of it!



GIRA is a graphic designer with 5 years in the field. First nft collection so be gentle!


Code and Real Estate

Foxsoma is a passionate coder and real estate investor. Looking to combine the fun of fixing homes with the creativity of the nft community. This may be the first real estate dao on the Solana blockchain! Probably nothing though...

We are slowly building out the team so if you want to be apart of it, DM me on twitter!



SolanaStud is a Podcaster, passionate NFT Investor, and advisor to many solana projects!

Cool Keys Club Whitepaper

Coming Soon


Eat, Sleep, Build, Repeat!
We are finishing up our first project! Join the club to help put together the finishing touches.

Project Ulena a.k.a
Operation New Dawn

After a fire and years of neglect, Ulena (this home) sits vacant and abandoned. Our Mission is to restore this historical home to its former glory!
This is Operation: New Dawn

3 Bedrooms (Originally 2)
2 Baths (Originally 1)
Sqft 1,488 ~ Built in 1859

After getting an architect's seal of approval and building permits from the city, we've made major progress! Click below to see the latest on Ulena!

Ulena Tour: Coming Soon

Our faq

Cool Keys Club = Real Estate + NFTs x Community + Cool😎

How CKC Perks Works?
By owning a key you receive access to the CKC DAO where you can help choose the next project (rental home, airbnb, hotel de la CKC, cabin, villa... city?🧐). The sky is the limit! You'll also be able to help design these projects to make them one of a kind. Put your interior design hat on and let's go build something!

The Cool Keys Club public sales opens on March 11th around 5pm CST.
Join the CKC community on Twitter or Discord! https://discord.gg/tZnbFUThKY
What do I get when i mint?
By purchasing a key you receive access to the CKC DAO where you can help choose the next project (rental, airbnb, hotel de la CKC, cabin, villa... city?🧐).

You'll also be able to help design these projects to make them one of a kind. Put your interior design hat on and let's go build something!
How many Keys will there be?
Only 2222!
When will I be able to mint?
Public: 2/25/22 5pm CST
Whitelist: 2/15/22 5pm CST
How much will each cool key cost to mint?
1.0 Sol
Whitelist Available?
Yes, we have a whitelist. 200 Spots available. Visit the whitelist channel on our discord to join!
When do we start renovations?
We are currently working on Project Ulena. As soon as minting is complete you will be able to vote on the decor/colors/interior design in the discord!
Are these Doodles?
No, CKC's design was inspired by the doodles though!
Will Ckc be on Secondary Markets?
Yes! We’ll be listing on Magic Eden right after mint.. And we'll likely be listed on others as well.